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MangoCube Rules
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General Rules

These rules apply to MangoCube community as a whole

  • Be respectful of others. This includes other players, and staff members.
  • No hate speech or discrimination. Any form of hate speech and discrimination is condemned.
  • No spam or trolling. This includes repeating messages, disrupting in general.
  • No advertising. This includes any kind of advertising. If you are a content creator, please ask.
  • No harassment or bullying. This includes making anyone feel uncomfortable, and making threats.
  • No politics or religion. This is a Minecraft server, place and time.
  • No doxxing. Sharing someone's personal information without their consent is condemned.
  • No NSFW content. This includes content that are sexually suggestive.
  • English only. This makes moderation easier for us, as well as being more inclusive to other players who might not speak a different language.

Gameplay Rules

  • No cheating and hacking. This includes the use of third party software that bring an unfair advantage. This will also include any type of AI/Hacked client that automate tasks.
  • No exploits, bug abuse. This includes manipulating a design oversight, an exploit or unintended bug.
  • No real life trading. Trading any items, currencies, accounts of any form with real currencies are forbidden.

Violation of any rules will be punished accordingly to staff members judgement. If you feel unfair about a particular punishment, feel free to submit an appeal.

Discord Rules

These rules apply to the MangoCube's Discord

  • Follow Discord Terms of Service.
  • Follow Discord Community Guidelines.
  • No illicit DM. This includes messaging them for advertising, scamming, or harassment.
  • Keep messages relevant. Keep the channel you are chatting in relevant.
  • No invites. Sending invites to other Discord servers are not allowed.

When you are permanently banned from the server, you will be assigned the role "Banned" on our Discord. This only lets you access our help channels, if you decide to appeal a ban.

However, we reserve the right to ban you off of our Discord if deemed necessary.

SMP Rules
These rules apply specifically to MangoCube SMP.

  • No griefing. This includes destroying other players' build, stealing their items, or disrupting their gameplay on the server.
  • No claim trapping. This includes claiming around a person's claim, trapping them to only their claim.
  • No trap killing. Building traps specifically to kill other players, or intentionally trapping them is not allowed.
  • No bypassing PvP. SMP is not designed for PvP combat, if you want to PvP, there is a designated area for that.
  • Claim responsibly. Means to avoid claiming to close to an established area, which may cause conflicts and drama.
  • No world griefing. Means to not terraform without clear reasons. This is to establish the aesthetic of the world, and keep the landscape clean for other players.

Farm Machines

Regarding farm machines, it is only allowed if you meet the following the criteria:

  1. It has an on/off switch
  2. It does not cause major impact to others gameplay
  3. It must not abuse an exploit

If your farm machine are found to be causing lag, it will either be broken or deleted by staff members without notice. If you are found to be repeating this offense, you will risk your account being punished.

AFK policies

By default on the server, will go into AFK mode if you are inactive for 5 minutes on the server. If you have been in AFK mode for 5 minutes, the server will teleport you back to spawn.

AFK Farming is strictly forbidden. AFK farming implies that you are not present at your computer, or is not actively playing the game.
If you are found to be standing still, using a macro or bypassing the auto AFK system, you will first be checked by a staff member. If you do not respond within 1 minute, you will be punished.

Passive farming is allowed. Passive farming implies that you are present at your computer, and is actively paying attention to the game.
As long as you are not bypassing the auto AFK system, and respond if a staff member check, it will be considered passive farming.