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Welcome to MangoCube's Wiki! Here, we aim to give you as much transparency about the server as possible so you won't have to be confused and lost @.@!

To get started, click on one of the category on the left, or its sub pages. Otherwise, you can also use the search bar by typing in key words. If you want to link a page to a friend or a fellow player, use the Link button at the end of every page.

If you are interested in contributing, feel free to report any missing or inaccurate information to us!

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Welcome! Glad you joined MangoCube! On this page, you will be introduced to some basic features and commands in order to get you started on adventuring. For more detailed information, check out the features tab.

When you first join the server, you will be handed a little book that includes the most basic things. If that's what you've used to come here, that's great as well since we can type a lot more than using an in-game book!

To start your adventure, type /rtp or right click the hologram at spawn!

Claiming latest?cb=20200217235415

Claiming on this MangoCube works similar to a lot of others! However, we do not have a "golden shovel". You can freely claim anytime with commands. Below are the basic commands that you will find useful for claiming features. But for more details and a full list of commands, check out our Claim page from the Features tab.

/claim - Toggle claiming mode
This will be the main command you need to be claiming lands!

/claims - Shows all owned claim
Opens a menu that shows all the claims you have owned.

/claimsettings - Open claim settings for the claim you are standing in
Open the settings menu will let you "trust" or restrict specific players, or everyone actions in your claim.

/unclaim - Unclaim the claim you are standing on

/show - Shows a visualization of claims around you (up to 6 chunks in distance)

/hideclaims - Stop showing claims if they are visible

/claiminfo - Shows info about the claim you are standing on

Earning Money


To earn money on the server, you need to earn through jobs!

Jobs allow you to earn money by doing tasks, it is best to choose one that you enjoy doing, rather than min-maxing it. As you do more jobs, you earn more XP for that particular job, and you earn more even more money for doing tasks!

Use the command /jobs to join one. Beware! Some jobs will reset your level if you leave them, so choose wisely!

Bank & Purse

When you spend money and earn money, it goes into your purse. However, if you die, you will lose anywhere from 25%-50% of the money in your purse!

But no worries, you can put your money into a bank. Using the command /bank

When you have money in a bank, you will earn passive interest (even when you are offline). You can upgrade your bank account and earn even more interest, and store even more money as you progress.

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Villagers are the most complex mobs in Minecraft

This makes them extremely resource intensive to run. It is *impossible* to run a public server without modifying their behavior in order to reduce the impact on server's performance.

Some modified behaviors includes villagers are not ticked ("working") when you stand further than 32 blocks away from them. Farms such as Iron Golem farms, raid farms might not work normally with this behavior, and trade cooldowns will not go down unless you are within 32 blocks of the villager(s).

Villagers are also limited by mobs limits!

You can check out the mobs limits page for more information. But for villagers specifically, currently the limit:

- No more than 10 villagers per chunk.

If there are more than 10, a random one will be killed.

If you are struggling to breed the villagers, it's because they are deactivated. This happens when a villager cannot Pathfind or move around. This is to reduce lag on the server by lobotimizing the villagers that are stuck in place.

Struggling with Iron Farms?

This is because of the mentioned lobotimized villagers above! In order to spawn the Iron Golem, the villagers need to freak out. But without an AI they would just stand around. An easy fix is to give them space. Below is an example.

*Note: you don't need this many villagers to spawn an Iron Golem. Please breed villagers responsibly <3

By letting them have some extra flat blocks to walk around, rather than just Beds, they will be able to move and therefore, have an AI again. Once you have done it correctly, the villagers should be running like the end of the world, and it will attempt to spawn an Iron Golem every 35 seconds as per vanilla mechanics!

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Entities in Minecraft, especially hostile mobs such as Zombies and Skeleton are complex.

This means that they take up a lot of processing power for our server. So in order to make sure everyone has a good experience, there are restrictions to how mobs, both hostile and passive are limited and restricted.

Current server restrictions are as followed:

  • View Distance is set to 7 chunks (8 for The End).
  • Simulation Distance is set to 6 chunks.
  • Mob Spawn Distance is set to 5 chunks around a player.
  • Soft Despawn Range is set to 24 blocks.
  • Hard Despawn Range is set to 80 blocks.
  • Within 5 blocks distance, if there are more than 14 animal mobs, they will stop moving randomly, collisions and breeding are disabled.
  • Within 5 blocks distance, if there are more than 15 animal mobs, random ones will be killed.
  • Within 4 blocks distance, if there are more than 13 monster mobs, they will stop moving randomly and collisions are disabled.
  • Within 32 blocks distance, if there are more than 8 tameable mobs, they will stop being able to breed.
  • Within the same chunk, if there are more than 10 villagers, they a random one will be killed.

Please utilize these values above, and this chart below to maximize the efficiency of your farms.
!!! The chart values have been changed, refer to the values above


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Land Claiming Shovel – Minecraft Wiki

Land claiming is important for any SMP server! You need to claim your land in order to restrict others people from destroying or griefing your big projects! (or your dirt hut, we don't judge).

Here you will find every commands available, and how to use them to the fullest extent.

Commands List Command Block – Minecraft Wiki

  • /claim

This command is the main one you will need when claiming. Use this command to toggle claim mode. Once you are in claim mode, right click two corners to create a claim. Note: Claims can only be rectangle, and they protect everything vertically.

  • /subclaim

This command is used to split your claim into sections. This is useful if you want to let other users to access a certain part of your claim, but not the whole claim. Use this similarly to /claim.

  • /claims

This command shows you every claims you have and its location, as well as claims that you have permissions to modify.

  • /claimsettings

This command is crucial if you want to let other players interact, or set certain restrictions. To use this, stand in a claim or subclaim and type the command, it will shows you a GUI where you can modify the claim's permissions.

  • /unclaim (/removeclaim)

Self-explanatory, it is used to remove claims.

  • /unclaimsubclaim (/removesubclaim)

Used to remove subclaims.

  • /claimeject <player> (/eject <player>)

If you encountered a player that is annoying you, or blocking you from doing your thing in your own claim, you can use this command to kick them out of your claim.

  • /show [subclaims]

Show visuals of claimed lands around you (up to 6 chunks in view distance). Add [subclaims] (without the brackets) to show subclaims instead.

  • /hideclaims (/hide)

Turn off the visuals if they still show up for you.

Claim Blocks Block of Gold – Minecraft Wiki

By default, every player gets 200 claim blocks on join. Every hour you are online, you get an extra 100 claim blocks. The maximum number of claim blocks someone can hold is 100k.

You can also earn some extra claim blocks with /daily rewards, or buy more through /pointshop

Alternatively, you can buy claim blocks from our store.

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Teleportation is a basic part in most SMP servers. No one wants to walk thousands of blocks to reach their friends :(

Here you will find all the commands and help regarding teleportation.

Commands List

  • /tpa (player)

Request to teleport to another player.

  • /tpaccept

Accept a teleport request.

  • /tpdeny (/tpdecline)

Deny a teleport request.

  • /tpignore

Ignore teleport requests from other players. This is useful if someone is annoying you, or you want to be left alone!

  • /tpahere (player)

Request another player to teleport to you.


On MangoCube SMP, you can set homes as a way point to teleport back to!

  • /sethome (name)

Set your current location as a home.

  • /home [name]

Teleport to your home(s). Or open a GUI if not specified.