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Let It Mango!
1 minute read

Let the Mango begins!

There we have it! MangoCube has officially launched after a long delay. It has been quite a rollercoaster for me (sen2y) to get things going together to finally bring MangoCube to release today!

MangoCube will stay in Open Beta, as optimization, and some more features/settings are still being worked on, please report any issues you may encounter. There will be weekly or bi-weekly patches, hotfixes done constantly to improve your gameplay experience. There are still a lot of exciting features and epic adventures waiting ahead of MangoCube, so stay tuned for those updates!

I would like to also mention, that our MangoCube Store is also ready as the server is launched! If you want to support MangoCube's development, you can get yourself something nice there for yourself, and keep the server running.

Once again, the IP of the server is: play.mangocube.net

I hope you all enjoy what the MangoCube's team has built! And see you guys on the server!

-sen2y (Owner)

Open Beta Update
Open Beta Update
Hello everyone! Week 1 has been commencing nicely, with a lot of bug fixes and some stuff to smooth out. Now I can confidently say we are at a point where MangoCube is quite stable now! MangoCube expects to be out of Open Beta after it has been a...
2 minute read